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Villa 21315 Marrakech, Morocco

Sleeps: 6

Villa kallaris
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It houses, as persons, which emit an indefinable sense of serenity and make happy without that could explain the reasons. The Villa Kallaris is from the.

Nestled in a street calms near the Majorelle Garden, it enjoys the atmosphere created by a protected vegetation: giant Palm trees and colourful bougainvillea share the neighbourhood.

From the outside, nothing does omen of perceived enchantment once the small discreet door closer. The ochre building supported is pleasant to the eye. You climb a few large markets and operates the Rapture. A wide and high door art deco with glass and metalwork stylish sets the tone and leaves filter the incomparable light of Marrakech in an absolutely stunning hall. It is that the harmonious distribution of volumes and beauty treated the ramp of the staircase that faces. Everything is soft white, a few wooden furniture offer the exquisite lines of the 1920s and selected tables stained sections of walls.

It does not withstand the compelling urge to climb the markets and we understand why. As and as one moves to the floor light is more present. It arrives in a large space in glass. The neighboring Palm trees occupy the sky, vegetation flourishes before our eyes, it overlooks a green eden. Discrete but present this canopy frame lines crisscross the panorama and accentuates its beauty. A broad terrace surrounds the only floor. It is a complete space to live, each side of the House is immense dining room outer, living room protected by a pergola in rough, from a place of games and a solarium. One bedroom and bathroom occupy this level. Central bed, there is also the nature by the swathes of all glass walls. It seems that it floats in the air and the horizontal frames accentuate the effect of serenity by their side zen Japanologist.

Could stay hours to contemplate the landscape and savour the moment.

But descend on Earth!

On the ground floor, the dining room extends the atmosphere of the hall and ends with a wall retonde, glazed by two vertical bays which encarrent a chimney. An impressive table and air chairs complete the clean decor. Side, rational equipment kitchen opens onto a terrace overlooking the orange trees of the garden. It is good take a small snack or breakfast bask by taking advantage of the oblique rays of the Sun.

On the other side of the House, the attractive point is located below. A rectangle swimming pool sandwiched in a teak floor is shimmering turquoise water. You can see the show, composed of two parts that can be independent by mirror doors. A glass Bay, angle on two walls, is renter nature in the House. As on the upper floor, is believed to be on the outside. It thus participates in the joys of the swimming pool. We admire the incomparable elegance of the silhouette of Palm trees. The foliage of the Bougainvilleas discharge their shimmering along the walls. Nothing escapes the eye in a warm sense of living well. And what about the concert of bird songs! A chimney, surmounted of a mirror pan that multiplies the surrounding vegetation, expected the evenings more fresh...

A white corner sofa, contemporary sober lines, invite sharing happy moments while in the neighbouring room, a Buffet table, yellow and black, very present, boosts the atmosphere. A sumptuous room ensuite bathroom in black and white marble, was when the room turns into a last hour guest room.
Side pool as an extension of the main lounge, a bedroom and bathroom benefit aquatic ambiance.

Over time, the presence of this House says that it is difficult to leave.
This is exactly what its INSPIRER Robert Mallet Stevens, architect of the first half of the last century advocated: "a place where one lives must bring calm" everything he instituted is found here: lines clear and rigid enough, large swathes of glass walls, for the first time at an angle, which let the nature, the priority of the light that must enter afloatnot only to inform but sublimate volumes and objects, a furniture low to give free reign to the perspective but a judgment of Léger eye, as these armor which support the glass to remove the landscape and allow the flight of the lines, the importance of the terraces at all levels, in each room, to enjoy directly the life outdoorssurfaces United, to stop vivid NET curves, right angles, clarity and order to exalt what the human soul search: "goodness and beauty".

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