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Only 2 Kilometres or so south of Paxos is Anti Paxos even smaller and almost uninhabited, instead of the olive groves there are many small vineyards looked after by the Paxos families, some of them also have houses on Anti Paxos. Anti Paxos wine can be bought in the local shops in Paxos or can be sampled in the tavernas on Anti Paxos and Paxos, it's well worth tasting. Excursion boats from Paxos to Anti Paxos run frequently in the summer, the trip takes about 15 minutes and you can spend the whole day there if you like.

The island is owned in individual plots by Paxiot families and although there are very few houses here, those families who have built a small home on Antipaxos come here for their holidays and to cultivate grapes. An undulating interior of hillsides, carpeted by maquis, contains small vineyards above beaches of sand and pebble. A network of narrow tracks lead from the small harbour of Agrapidia up to the interior and past the occasional cottage with gardens of fruit trees, vegetables and vineyards. The local grape produces a rich, red and unique wine.

There are two main beaches at the north end of Anti Paxos Vrika and Voutoumi. The shore line of the first beach Vrika is sandy, Voutoumi's shore line is pebble but under foot in the water there is white sand. Here you have some of the finest clear blue seas in the world for swimming and snorkelling, its safe for all ages to enjoy. South of these two beaches are many smaller more private coves that can be reached without too much difficulty.

Pathways, bordered by large bulbs of sea squill and wild herbs, lead down on the east coast to the sandy bays of Voutoumi and Vrika with their chalk-blue waters. The tiny neighbouring island of Daskalia has a secluded beach with stunning views of the mountains of Lefkas.

The peaceful population consists of about thirty people: the lighthouse keepers, the agricultural officer, the Vlahopouli family who run the Voutoumi taverna, the Beretouli family who run a daily caïque service to Paxos and are the key keepers of St. Emilianos church, Dimitri the chicken farmer and a few retired Paxiot couples.

There exists a rare feeling of absolute peace and quiet. Hospitality takes on a different meaning in that if you walk by someone’s house you are expected to walk in and share a glass of last year’s wine or this week’s coffee and swap philosophical advice on horticulture or politics. As a small but intimate and friendly community there is always a bowl of sugar to be borrowed.

Antipaxos will appeal to couples looking for an unusual escape from even the smallest of crowds. The two tavernas overlooking Voutoumi beach will usually remain open at night on request from June to September; the sky at night will enrapture; the memories of absolute peace and quiet will remain forever; the swimming and walking will tone muscles but a secluded holiday on Antipaxos is for those who enjoy their partner’s company!

There are four tavernas but no shops on AntiPaxos. We recommend that we arrange a substantial hamper of provisions for your arrival. Clients can contact our Paxos office to order further supplies, which will be delivered the next day. From the end of May an “Express Boat” travels between Paxos and two of the AntiPaxos sandy beaches. The journey takes twenty minutes

Antipaxos will provide escapists with a rare opportunity to relax undisturbed

There are no villas currently available.
11482 - (Sleeps 2)
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There are no villas currently available.
There are no villas currently available.
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