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Bahamas Resort Description

The Bahamas is a nation of islands and cays blessed with sunny skies, powder-white and pink- sand beaches and incredibly clear aqua-blue waters. These constitute The Islands of The Bahamas which lie scattered across 100,000 square miles of the southwest Atlantic Ocean, from the tip of Florida to the edge of the Caribbean near Haiti.

Some, such as Eleuthera and Andros, are quite large, while others are small enough for two people to reach by boat and find themselves delightfully alone on an uninhabited island in paradise.

We invite you to share in these riches, guaranteed to soothe your body and restore your soul. We offer you the calm and excitement of water sports - whether beneath the surface or at water's edge. And when you've had your fill of swimming, boating, fishing, diving and more, we have championship golf and tennis, and many other ways to entice you on land.

They have the dazzle and glitter of cabarets and casinos; we have the peace and quiet of a tiny cay rarely visited by man. And whether you spend the days parasailing and snorkeling or just nurturing a suntan, our star-studded Bahamian nights are undeniably romantic, no matter how you decide to spend them.

While all the sunny islands share sun-swept beaches and magnificent waters, some are action-oriented, others are informal and relaxed - each offering a unique combination of features all its own. Vacation on the one that suits you best, but remember, that whichever golden island you choose, you'll be only a short hop from another of our captivating islands.

Located in the lower left-hand corner of the Atlantic Ocean is a 70,000-square-mile area of shoals and banks, where the waters are warm and clear. These are the Bahama Banks... and out of them rise more than 700 islands and islets covered with greenery and blossoms fringed with inviting beaches. This is The Bahamas.

The islands are strewn in a generally northwest-southeast array, along a 750-mile stretch from just off Florida, to just off Haiti. Some of the islands are relatively large - Abaco, Andros, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama and Long Island, for example. Many are tiny enough to provide a romantic hideaway for two people, with a picnic lunch tucked into their small sailing vessel for an all-day rendezvous away from the world.
The Islands of The Bahamas are low-lying. Cat Island's Mount Alvernia, just over 200-feet above sea level, is the highest point in the nation. Sometimes the water is so shallow you can wade from one island to its neighbour. But there are also passes and cuts that range much deeper. Between Andros and the Exumas, the Tongue of the Ocean suddenly plunges down more than five miles.


The Islands of The Bahamas enjoy the idyllic climate most people associated with tropic seas. The temperatures seldom drop below 60 degrees (F), or rise above 90 degrees (F). Most of the rain comes in brief summer showers. The surrounding sea normally ranges from the low 80's in the summer, to about 74 degrees (F) in midwinter.


The largest concentration of Bahamians dwell on New Providence Island, site of Nassau, the capital. Some families have been Bahamian for more than two centuries. They can claim descent from early English colonists, loyalists who fled North America during the American Revolution, and Southerners, who came during and after the American Civil War. With the colonists, loyalists and transplanted southerners came their slaves, who worked the early plantations. After Emancipation in 1834, they became diligent farmers and seamen.


Authorities believe the Arawak Indians moved up from the Caribbean into The Bahamas about the turn of the Ninth Century. These were the native people Christopher Columbus first met when he landed here October 12, 1492, when he planted the Spanish flag in the Bahamian soil of one of the islands and named it San Salvador. Columbus sailed on.

The history of today's Bahamas begins with the arrival of the Eleutheran Adventurers who founded a colony on the island of Eleuthera. The Bahamas also became a home base for pirateers, who found the country suitable because of its many islets, cays and complex shoals and channels, all which provided adequate hiding places from which the Buccaneers could dash out to sea, attack a Spanish treasure ship and cargo vessels and return to the hiding places with their loot.

With the American Revolution and the War Between States, the colonists came. First were the Loyalists who left the United States out of faithfulness to their king. Then came Southerners, often with the slaves, who did not wish to live under the victorious Union.

Americans again took note of The Bahamas during the years of Prohibition, when speedy rum-runners paraded the waters between the Islands and the southeastern United States.

During World War II, The Bahamas served as an air and sea way-station in the Atlantic. Since then, the islands have found a new and flourishing role as one of the world's most favoured year-round tourist playgrounds.

21533 - (Sleeps 8)
The villa is located on Great Exuma, a jewel in the Bahamian necklace of over 700 Islands. Nestled on the tip of...
14408 - (Sleeps 12)
This outstanding private estate is nestled within the confines of a renowned and prestigious club on the far western shore of New...
13425 - (Sleeps 6)
Beachfront townhouse on Cable Beach Nassau Bahamas 10 minutes away from downtown,bus service close to Post office supermarket shops etc. Gated community with...
21533 - (Sleeps 8)
The villa is located on Great Exuma, a jewel in the Bahamian necklace of over 700 Islands. Nestled on the tip of...
14408 - (Sleeps 12)
This outstanding private estate is nestled within the confines of a renowned and prestigious club on the far western shore of New...
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